Sitges Catering Options

Boat Catering

Whether an intimate meal for a smaller group, on a classic yacht, to a more comprehensive event on a bigger vessel. We will aim to meet your needs…. Read more »

Catering Companies

Sometimes it is best to leave it all to the professionals. Or at least the most important parts. It doesn’t have to add much to the final… Read more »

Hotel Catering

Hotel can often add the quality, style and experience to make an evening special. From small to large events and can even ensure an optional short walk to… Read more »

Restaurant Catering

Restaurants differ in size, location and costs, making them a very flexible option to meet the needs of most clients. You may even have a favourite venue… Read more »

Take-Away Catering

If you have the venue, then a delivery or take away can be the best catering option. Menu’s can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, subject to… Read more »

Outside Catering

Catering outside can just mean at a hotel. However it may be at such a location or at your own. Many villa rentals allow for catering and events on… Read more »